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The Weekly Retro #14

Kenneth Larsen
Kenneth Larsen
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The Weekly Retro #14
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Yet another week, yet another batch of great reads. I am low on sleep but high on coffee, and I think this is just what parenthood is like. While I am still adapting I still find time to reading, and that is making me really happy.

Enjoy this week's selection!

The Great Tightrope Act

Last week I wrote that I currently think a lot about planning. Shortly after a whole new edition of Increment Magazine is out and the theme is planning! I have met a lot of engineering managers who ended up having a very passive relationship to planning. It seemed easy to them to let pass it on to the PM.

This article looks at how engineering managers can be involved in planning, and I think it's just great.

The Toxic Effects of Branding Your Workplace a "Family"

Whenever I see a company branding itself as a family I immediately think of either my own dysfunctional family or a cult. It has always been a huge red flag to me when they brand themselves this way. It turns out that there are actual studies on this branding and the results are not great.

I Don’t Want to Be On Call Anymore. Am I a Monster?

If you have ever managed on call engineers you might have been in that tricky situation where you need someone to jump on call at a very inconvient time. While I never had to be on call myself as an engineer I can easily imagine just how annoying it can be. That's why I really like this question: Am I a monster?

I see the issue with autonomous teams over and over again. Leadership assigns ownership of an area of the app to a certain team and somehow it just doesn't work. In most cases it's because they are masking borrowing as owning. The team are only borrowing the area of the app and have no say in the long term maintance as they don't truly own it.

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