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✨The Weekly Retro #3

✨The Weekly Retro #3

Welcome to the third edition of The Weekly Retro. This time you'll get three of the best things I've read on engineering leadership. Enjoy!

The Seniority Rollercoaster

Gergely Orosz | The Pragmatic Engineer | 30th August 2021

Changing jobs can put you in a dilemma: Should you pick a higher salary with a lower title or a lower salary with a higher title? Gergely Orosz introduces what he calls the seniority roller coaster. It's a ride you might want to be prepared for.

Fostering a Culture of Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Katarina Berg | Harvard Business Review | 3rd August 2021

Research has shown that when employees feel that they belong to a team or organization, they will not only tend to perform better but also experience higher levels of engagement and well-being. But our feeling of belonging at work has become challenged over the past year as we’ve shifted away from in-person interactions and found ourselves relying on video calls and screen activities to stay connected. As the experience of culture has become more diffused, elusive, and subjective, how can senior leaders foster a greater sense of belonging among employees?

I think this is crucial to get right, and the article suggests how to do so.

Interview with Shilpi Sanchetee, Engineering Manager at Slack

Managers Club | 30th October 2019

I love reading interviews with other managers. It's a great way to get inspired and to learn. In this interview, I really love Shilpi's advice for new managers starting:

Be patient. As a manager, it can be hard to know when you are doing all the right things and are delivering an impact to your team and the company.

People first. Don’t rush into action and understand your team’s needs. Don’t apply one way of management to all your reports – change per each individual’s style.

Find your tribe. Your first team is your EM peers – build trust, invest time and help each other grow.

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