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The Weekly Retro #4

The Weekly Retro #4

As I'm working through my last month at my current job, I've already spent a lot of time offboarding, saying goodbyes, reflecting and looking forward to my new job. Two things that really stand out as topics for the last few years are burnout and mental health. Most people know someone affected by either, and handling them as a manager can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, there are some good resources out there to help us manage.

Enjoy this week's articles!

Strategy Should be Painful

Nathan Baschez | Divinations | 11th July 2020

Often when setting a strategy, things can get fuzzy after a while. We start saying yes to things that don't directly pay into our strategy, and before we know it, we are not making the right progress. It often pays, in the end, to say no.

Should I Disclose My Depression to My Boss?

Alisson Green | Ask a Manager | 5th January 2020

Does it ever make sense to let an employer know that you suffer from depression? Or any other mental illness for that matter? The answer is most likely no, and that highlights what a sad world we live in.

What You’re Getting Wrong About Burnout

Liz Fosslien | MIT Sloan Management Review | 26th August 2021

Leaders can create a healthier work environment for employees by addressing the root causes of stress, but often leaders address the wrong things. There are some really great advice here if you want to foster an environment where burnout can be handled or even prevented.

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