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The Weekly Retro #5

Time for another week of the very best I've read on engineering leadership.

Kenneth Larsen
Kenneth Larsen
1 min read
The Weekly Retro #5

It started raining again, and it is getting darker. At least here. Summer is over, and I have been reading more than I usually do. I tremendously enjoyed reading Work Clean, and you might too if you enjoy prepping and planning. Or want to get better at it, at least.

Enjoy this week's selection!

How to Manage Existing Engineering Teams

Build the Stage

Becoming the leader of an existing team is a big challenge. Not only do they already have a way of working, but they also have normed, and they might even work on technologies or areas that you are not yourself familiar with. You should start by accepting your knowledge gap and then ask the questions.

Ellen Wong on Working on Hybrid Teams

Jean Hsu | Lead Time | 9th September 2021

I think a lot of us are experiencing a change in how we work. It almost feels like a cliche to say that COVID times have changed things for good, but it does feel so. For some, this means more hybrid teams, and if you're not used to hybrid teams, you might find yourself in need of advice. Ellen Wong and Jean Hsu talk about working well on a hybrid team - what to ask when interviewing and what companies need to have in place to get it right.

Scaling Your Team and Product

Gábor Zöld | Coding Sans | 8th September 2021

Leadership stories from Radoslav Stankov, Head of Engineering at Product Hunt, about becoming a leader, growing his team, and developing an existing product while retaining its core values.

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