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The Weekly Retro #6

Another week, another curation on engineering leadership. This time on best things a manager can do, setting goals as a principal engineer and your first 90 days.
The Weekly Retro #6

Yesterday was my last day working at Clark. Now I look forward to some days off before starting my new role at Spotify. This is the first time in my career that I have taken time off between leaving a company and joining a new one, but this time it is needed.

Enjoy this week's selection!

What’s the Best Thing a Manager Has Ever Done For You?

Recently on Twitter, a question was asked: "What's the best thing a manager has ever done for you?". This article analyses hundreds of answers to this question and tries to find out what teams are looking for from their managers. It's a question that I find to be an excellent personal exercise, but reading the responses can also provide great insight into what great managers do.

Setting and Prioritizing Goals as a Principal Engineer

Sabrina Leandro | Inside Intercom

Principal engineers have a unique engineering responsibility. Often, it can be challenging to manage their time as they do not always have someone assigning priorities for them. This means that principal engineers need to learn to structure their own time, setting and prioritising goals.

Your first 90 days as CTO or VP Engineering

Will Larson | Irrational Exuberance | 13th January 2020

Since I am changing job next month, I have been reading a lot on how to get best settled in a new organisation. Even though Will Larson wrote this article with CTOs and VPs in mind, I believe that much of the advice here is relevant to all management roles.