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Week 32 Digest: Diversity and Borrowing From Other Leaders

Week 32 Digest: Diversity and Borrowing From Other Leaders
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Another week, another review of the best things I've read and heard on engineering leadership.

This week seems to be a sum of people I admire: Lara Hogan, Camille Fournier and my soon-to-be employer Spotify.

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Deciding to buy or build is a dilemma that I keep seeing wherever I go. There are some great thoughts about this topic in this article. Personally, I've often run into the issue where we insist on building ourselves only to realise we do not have the capacity to maintain and that what we are building is not our core business.

It is not easy getting an entry into the world of engineering if you are not a straight, white man. Spotify recently interviewed two engineers about their path into engineering:

It's easy to pinpoint when a leader is saying the wrong thing, but it takes real effort and skill to note the right things and learn from them. "Borrow lines from great leaders":

Borrowing lines from great leaders around you
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That's it from this week ✨ Let me know if you have read something you want to recommend to me this week.

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